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The centre is open 46 weeks a year. We are closed for three weeks over Christmas/New Year and closed the first week of each school term break (we correspond with NZ primary school terms).


Our centre offers free Early Childhood Education (ECE) up to 20 hours a week for 3 – 5 year olds and a maximum of 6 free hours a day. Free ECE hours depend on the availability of places at the time.

We charge $ 6 for every extra hour that you chose over the 20 free hours.

Our fees have been carefully created to ensure our center can continue to provide the children of Covenant Kids Preschool with the best possible childcare. Our revenue goes directly back to the center to maintain our high standards of care.

Learning Portfolios

Every child at Covenant kids Preschool has a learning Portfolios that will provide a beautiful and detailed record of their time with us. Your child’s learning, discoveries, artwork, photo’s and milestone memorable moments will be recorded. The learning Portfolio is yours to keep and will provide your family with lovely memories to recount in the years to come. We are sure you will get lots of enjoyment from them.

Each child has a teacher who is responsible for keeping their learning Portfolio up to date. This journal belongs to the child and is treasured by most families as a beautiful keepsake.

A special focus is placed on literacy and a print-rich environment as we believe that sound literacy skills are the prime foundation for a strong and successful beginning at school.

We also use  for families to keep up to date with their child’s journey, it is especially great for sharing with overseas members of the family! Important information, newsletters, changes, current interest and any other information is shared through Story Park.

Parent Helpers

As part of our ‘Open Door Policy’ all parents are encouraged to volunteer for a turn as Parent Helper two to three times a term, where they can be involved in all aspects of the program. The link with the family is a very important.

Other ways to participate

  • Ideas to enhance children’s current interests;
  • Supplying the service with recycled materials;
  • Sharing of own special interests and hobbies, for example art, music, and cooking, gardening or storytelling