Each day includes a mat time at the beginning and end (greeting, roll-call, action songs), free play time and a formal teaching period where the children work in small groups with one teacher.

Look at my hands!!

Planning, goal-setting, assessment and evaluation for each child are based on observations, and progress is documented in individual portfolios. These may be sighted and contributed to by parents/caregivers at any time.

Mathematics and literacy (phonics) are an integral part of the curriculum along with Bible teaching, science, creative art, music and movement.  We offer a Getting Ready for School programme.  The programme offers a more structured and in-depth literacy and maths curriculum, in coordination with the Year 1 New Zealand primary school curriculum.

A special focus is placed on literacy and a print-rich environment as we believe that sound literacy skills are the prime foundation for a strong and successful beginning at school.

Hard at work

“Great teachers empathize with children, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can
be built upon.”
– Ann Lieberman