Who are we?

Covenant Kids Preschool is a licensed learning centre for two to five-year-olds. Our preschool is run by the Manukau Christian Charitable Trust in partnership with Covenant Presbyterian Church. We are a family-orientated preschool offering Christian education in a loving, caring environment. There is a strong emphasis on Christian ethics and values which are woven right through the curriculum. We believe in a balance of free play time and formal learning and offer a high teacher/child ratio to enhance optimal learning, safety and well-being.

All our teachers are experienced and are qualified or in training, committed to equip and teach children within the Christian philosophy, combined with the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whaariki.

Our Philosophy

Here we strive to:-

  1. Uphold biblical principles from the Holy Bible
  2. Reflect God’s love
  3. Build a relationship with our learning  community
  4. Become the best that God wants us to be

Here we experience:-

  1. Learning based on the New Zealand   ECE Curriculum Te – Whāriki
  2. An environment that encourages different ways of learning
  3. A balance between child initiated and teacher led groups
  4. Opportunities that sow seeds to love learning for life

Here we achieve our vision:-

  1. Together we build on tamariki life experiences to foster learning
  2. Through intentionally providing a stimulating learning environment
  3. By planning our daily program to achieve quality learning
  4. As we communicate and explore learning with one another

Our Approach

  • Celebrate life
  • Provide opportunities for wonder, discovery and creativity
  • Grow in a mixed age group, learning to respect each other
  • Resolve negatives positively
  • Pursue excellence in humility
  • Recognise oneself through the teaching of Jesus Christ

Spiritual well- being – gives a child identity and purpose

Emotional well-Being – gives children a sense of value, love and acceptance

Intellectual well-being – nurtures a child’s need to discover, explore and create

Physical well-being – allows children to grow as happy, healthy individuals​

Social well-being  – gives children a sense of belonging while cultivating their responsibility for, and trust in, other people.